I recently became a Tweep – that is someone who uses Twitter. At first I was hesistant, not fully understanding this new world. It’s only been my first week but so far here are a few of my new faves.

Be yourself today. Be wildly yourself. – John Mayer

Bran cereal gets a bad rap for being boring. Since when is promoting good digestive health boring? Answer: never. Not if you’re constipated. – Michael Ian Black
If you’re feeling lonely, reach out and help some one . . . we are all alone, until we chose not to be. When you give, you grow. Reach out. – paul_hewson
Remember life is what you make it!!! So go hard or go home!!! Work hard for your dreams today. And have fun!!! – iam diddy
YouLookGreat says sometimes when you think people don’t like you, in actuality they don’t even know you exist.
17″ Macbook arrived! Santa is real, he just dresses like a UPS guy now. No toddler finger smudges on this screen… for at least a week. -tonyhawk